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Team Lunch


A big part of what make us successful, is having a team who believe in and live our values. Having values to work by gives our team a sense of accountability – everyone knows what is expected of them. We use these values in our day-to-day business – from hiring new employees, to staff appraisals and interactions with our clients.


Everything we do revolves around our three core values: 

  • Together We Achieve

  • Passionate About Development

  • Deliver Quality Solutions

TEAM: Together We Achieve


We work as a team to provide a great service to our clients and to make our office a fun, happy and productive place to work. We maintain positive attitudes and promote open, honest communication among our team.  We are passionate about creating a culture in which those who work with Accord can grow and thrive.

PEOPLE: Passionate About Development


We are passionate about creating and maintaining a culture in which those who work with us can grow and develop. We provide training and mentoring to all levels and are always open to feedback and suggestions on how to can continue to develop our training programmes. Our team create a working environment where knowledge is shared, and our team members support each other in their continued development.

Values - Actions.png

PROJECT: Deliver Quality Solutions


We provide accurate, high quality technical solutions to our customers MEP requirements. Using our tested proven processes and years of expertise, we find the best solutions, not just the ones that work. We keep the customer engaged throughout the project, working collaboratively with their teams to ensure their needs are met and to deliver a positive customer experience.

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